Friday, September 26, 2008

Family & Friends arriving ....

My dear friend Betty from AZ is flying in today! My grandparents 60th wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I had invited her to come and stay with us, thinking she never would due to the fact that she is DEATHLY afraid to fly. When I moved here I thought I would only ever see her when I would visit or if she drove out here w/her husband Paul. I wanted her to come to the party, she is like family to me. She's been at family functions, weddings, holidays, you name it, she's been there. She's helped out my cousin with engagement photos, wedding pictures. She's put slide shows together for them and also my wedding. She was great to work with and there's not enough space on here to write how great of a mom and person she is. She has helped me MORE than anyone will ever know through rough times. And for this special occasion she has helped put together a truly great slide show for my family and especially for my grandparents. For that i owe her alot.

My sister Jennifer also flew in last night along with her friend Erica. She visited some family last night and I saw her for a little bit today at my grandma's. I had alot of running around to do today, cleaning, laundry, you name it.. But tonight and tomorrow we are all going to have a great time. She's away from her 3 boys and husband so as in the picture above, live it up! lol..
It's hard to be away from family and friends but when we have the opportunity to visit, its nice and the time we get to spend together is good quality fun time.
Thanks for checking in today and I will have more to say after the great time we have tomorrow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is This "Next Year?"

For many years, being a Cubs fan has always ended by saying, there is always next year. The last oh I don't know, ten years or heck 100 years! It's been up and down. We've had good players, pitchers, managers come and go.. the Sammy Sosa era, thought we may just get there, but no it didn't happen. Oh so close, but not close enough. Why people choose to become a Cubs fan, well its the best, its so much fun to watch, to go to the game, to be at the stadium. Heck, I went there on my honeymoon! Just to be in the atmosphere is fun. The fans are great. Its pretty much like being in Green Bay, good people, good environment. I cannot explain it. Anyway, last year the Cubs were in this spot, they clinched their division. Well yesterday they did it again. I was happy they did. In the back of my mind of course I'm thinking can they do it? Is THIS next year? Can they make it passed the first round. Last year they did not. The Boston Red Sox hadn't won a World Series in many many years as the Cubs have not in lets just say a LONG time. I will be watching, I will be praying, I will be drinking (lol). I am hoping that they make it to the World Series and this is what I want to see after the game.....

thanks for checking in....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

83 Years Young

This is my grandpa. He just turned 83 years old. (Doesn't he look great?) I have great memories of my grandpa growing up. The great thing about both my grandparents is that they have always been there for their kids and grandchildren. They have known each other since grade school. In a few weeks they are going to be celebrating 60years together. Well 60yrs of being married anyway. Thats just crazy to me. But also very cool. Today was Sunday, it was cloudy, little rain on and off, a little chilly outside. We went to my aunt Sue's house for his party and also watched the Packer game. In case you don't know they played the Lions and did win. Lucky for them, the defense once again pulled it off in the end. It was a crazy game. I'm still not convinced how good we are but we did win and thats that. Anyway, the party was alot of fun, my grandpa had a good time and it was nice just to be around family. The picture above is him opening the card I picked out from us. Its one of those "big" cards that play music. You can kinda see the front, it say A LONG LONG TIME AGO... (kinda like on star wars) and when u open it its says,
You were born! and it plays the theme song to Star Wars. It was funny, he cracked up.. that was my goal. I love to see my grandparents laugh. When I was younger and played softball, that was my world. Was my passion, was my favorite thing to do. Whether we won or not. And my grandpa was always at my games, video-taping or taking pictures. They both acted proud, whether I was doing well or not. I'll never forget those memories. I'm thankful that they are both doing great health wise and are here. Can't wait for their party in a few weeks. I hope they smile that day also.

Here are a few shots of everyone having a good time.

Thanks for checking in...

Me and my Grandma w/our wine!

Emilee outside (of course)

Little Musician

Andy play catch w/Ty

I got it! I got it!

Emilee & Teresa eating candy corn

Emilee eating a Popsicle on Jacqueline

Aunt Sue and Grandma popping open the Wine!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Football has Begun

Last night was our first MNF game of the season. The first MNF game with out Brett as our quarterback. It was going to be surreal, and it was. Thanks to my "great" aunt I was able to attend the game with my cousin Jill. Not only was it the first game of the season or MNF game, it was against the Rivals MN Vikings! The game was great. The DE-FENSE was awesome, i believe they won the game for us. We are good, but we need to be better. With a new QB its going to take time, but we are a good team. Minus all the penalties we had in that game. It was unreal. Every play flag was thrown, oh man we were getting mad. All in all though it was a great game, was alot of fun, and I'm glad I was there.

Of course I took some pics, so enjoy..

thanks for checking in..

Here is the stadium before game time!

Here is a pic of someone's cheesehead.. can't get enough..

Here's the man Mr Driver saying hello to us fans prior to kick off


Jill & I

And there's the Pope ....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Checking In

Not much going on today. I've been busy this weekend. I photographed a wedding on Saturday and boy I'm tired today! So I'm busy getting pics cropped and looking at my work. I will begin to post on my other photo site for all to see..

Andy and the girls had a low key day and today i've been running around ...

Did watch Brett and the Jets play, and WIN! He looked good. Tomorrow night I will be at the Packer game, cheering them on the best I can.

I will be sure to post on Tuesday...

take care and thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy 14th Birthday Teresa!

Although I was not around when she was born or for her "younger" years. I think I've been through alot the last 4 years or so with this young lady. I've seen her go from a little shy "tomboy" to become into an outgoing, high strung, beautiful young lady. Andy did his best with her which isn't easy for any Dad. And it doesn't get any easier... I've enjoyed watching Teresa come out of her shell, and while she still searches for her "true" identity", I have no doubt that she will grow to become successful and continue to be a wonderful person.

These teenage years will pass, we tell ourselves that, and hopefully she looks back on how hard we try to be good parents. As I've said before, it's not easy, whether you have boys or girls or both. Bringing families together is a difficult task all in itself, but I think we are doing ok.

So Happy Birthday Teresa, may all your dreams come true..

Ahhh.. The First Day of School!

Well today is the day! They both woke up before I did and got into their routine, both a little anxious I am sure. They are both 8th graders.. get to "rule" the school.. lol, ok maybe not. But anyway I cannot believe that they are going into 8th grade. Growing up so fast and I feel old. Which I'm not, however, then I have this little one, Emilee, whom just loved her sisters being home this morning and taking them to school. I took them only because I was off work today as they will normally take the bus. Emilee would say BUS, SWOOOL BUSS!! it was cute.. she waved goodbye to them and said bye jacwen, by teesa... oh what I will do when it's her turn.
So of course I took a quick picture before they were off to school, which they are always sooo pleased by!
Have a great day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we had a long 3 day weekend, actually Andy & I had Friday off as well as Monday, and well I am thankful that it was nice weekend, I am even more thank full that school starts tomorrow, Andy goes to work and I have the day off. I think I deserve it.
Anyway, Sunday we did celebrate Teresa's 14th birthday, she will turn 14 on Wed which is the 3rd. Let me tell you, the next few years I'm gonna need help. LOL.. The party was fun, the neighbors were over, she invited a few friends, the grandparents came over and so did cousin Jill. We had a BBQ and then had cake and ice cream. As they get older I think the parties will dwindle down but I'm hoping they still have a special day. I don't remember too many birthday parties growing up. Mostly family coming over which I know I looked forward to. But as I turned into a teenager I do not remember much.

It had a few "dramatic" moments as any teenager of course has at this age, right? But over all everyone had a good time and it went over well. They of course had a water fight, started off nice w/just some water balloons but soon escalated to the hose and of course Andy & Paul getting involved. Need I say any more?
Today is Monday and we are laying low getting ready for the big day tomorrow, I think.. wait I know we are all ready and needing for the summer to officially end and school to begin.

(I know I am)

Thanks for checking in and I hope everyone had a great weekend!