Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be quick for now. I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone is together with their loved ones and family today. I will post some pictures later today when our day is over. Good health and love to everyone. We miss everyone in places far away and we will be grateful to visit the ones near us.



Ok, We had a great Thanksgiving, it's been a long few days, we went to our neighbors for a late lunch and had a great time as always. Later we headed off to my Uncle's house and my grandparents and aunt and cousins were there, we had a great time. here are a few pictures from our day. Hope everyone is doing well !!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Migranes, Cancer & MS

This week has been very busy. Work has been busy, which is a good thing. However, it's been very stressful. Life is stressful, especially these days in the world we live. I try to find balance in everything but sometimes I'm overwhelmed. Anyone else feel that way ever?
I suffer from migraines and I haven't been having too many of them, but yesterday I had a big one. I thew up at the restaurant and left work cuz there was no way I could work. Not a good way to serve your customers! I came home and i was in bed very early. Last week my mom who had breast cancer 2 years ago and has been doing so well got a call from her doctor that one of her routine mammograms came back with something on it. She went in and had an ultrasound and well she has to have a biopsy Wed to see if the cancer is back or not. We all hope and pray its not. I don't want her to go through all of that again. Hopefully its just blocked tissue or something. I try not to worry until there is something to worry about. Our family is strong, my mom is strong and we'll get through this. I hate being so far away but she knows we are all thinking of her. My aunt was diagnosed, my moms sister, with breast cancer this past year so this all needs to stop. I can't imagine what she's going through but she's strong and well we'll just wait and see.
My friend Betty also was in the hospital this weekend due to her MS. She's feeling better now, she had to be hooked up to an IV and fed steroids but I hope she's up and back home soon to spend Thanksgiving with her family.
I hope everyone is doing well and Emilee was outside even with the cold weather, playing, wanting to mow the grass.. dead grass, but grass no less.. here are a few pictures, along with some from when she got her new boots and didn't want to take them off while wearing her robe.

Thanks for checking in..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week Update

It's been quite a busy week. Andy had school down near Milwaukee again, he left Monday night and spent the night at my cousin Jaclyn and her husband Jake's house (thanks again!). And then he came home Wed night. I had to work Tuesday night. Work in itself has been busy, its that busy time of year, our busiest month of the year. Everyone wants money for Xmas, who doesn't. I love Xmas. It's my favorite time of the year. This will be our second Christmas in Wisconsin. The weather is now starting to "feel" like it! High 30's to Low 40's for the high. Sounds cold to some of you, but its not that bad if there's no wind.. hee hee. I enjoy it. We are supposed to have a tad bit of snow Sunday after the game. And by a tad i mean .3 inch is what they are saying so may not be anything. I'm waiting for the first big snowfall. My aunt Liz and my cousin Austin are on their way from AZ to move back here so they are in for a BIG change!

Not much else is going on, getting the house ready to get my Christmas decorations out. I will post pictures from Thanksgiving and the upcoming weeks. I plan on being prepared this year.. ok stop laughing! I said I plan.. lol.
The girls are waiting for their movies to open up next week. Jacqueline wants to see the new Harry Potter and Teresa wants to see Twilight. I'm sure they will be going next weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well.. Emilee is now yelling at me to get off .. so i must go..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Excitement!

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye. Friday night my sister Michelle and her husband Glen were coming in town for the weekend along with a friend, Erica. Erica grew up here also and visits often. Hopefully her and her family will be moving back here next summer.. (RIGHT ERICA??) Anyway, they flew into Milwaukee on time and well I won't go into detail but Glen knows what I'm talking about when I say, he was the reason they did not leave the airport until 2 hours later. Anyway they got into Green Bay around 8. They all were hungry and were hungry for a Kroll's hamburger. So Andy and I went to Kroll's with them and they got their fix. I was tired and well we went home. They went out on the town and had fun, which was great, I'm glad they had fun. Saturday we woke up to some snow falling. It was a great site for them to see, coming from Arizona. Saturday afternoon we had Jacqueline's 13th birthday party, had most of the family over, the neighbors, it was great. They played some Rock Band downstairs, had pizza and cake. After the party, mom's party started. My cousin Jill and her boyfriend RC, along with my friend Betsy, my sister, Glen, Erica and another girl I work with at the restaurant met up there and had some drinks. We then headed out to the Top Hat, a martini bar that i LOVE. Didn't go crazy, I am well in my 30's Those days are over. Andy came out when we got to the Top Hat and had his Coke :-). Anyway it was fun and I'm glad everyone that was able to make it could. The flu is going around and so some people couldn't make it so we'll just have to make it up. Sunday Glen and Erica had to leave at 7am in Milwaukee so they were gone SUPER early, and Michelle stayed until today. Andy drove her this morning.

Emilee got to know her Aunt "Shell" and well if you know Michelle, you know why. She's crazy! She bought Emilee a toy and well thats all you really have to do to win kids
It was a great weekend.

Enjoy the pics and thanks for checking in...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Snow Fall

Last night we had some sleet. Rain mixed with snow, doesn't do much, just cause bad roads and weather. This morning we woke up to snow fall. Actual snow. It didn't stick. But it sure was pretty. To most winter is coming and it's a dread. I love fall. The temps are coming down and the sweaters are coming out. Emilee was too cute, staring out the window saying "it's snowing outside". Now it didn't produce much, nor did it stick. It wasn't measurable by any means, but it was pretty to watch and a big difference from the 74 degree weather we had on Tuesday! Well Fall is here and Winder is on it's way!!

Hear are a few pics..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 1995 12:01pm

Hard to believe that 13 years ago yesterday, I turned 19. Even harder to believe that 13 years ago today I had Jacqueline. She was a pretty easy pregnancy, compared to Emilee that is. I was never sick or tired, until the end. I worked until the day I had her. I may have gained a ton of weight but I was very much mobile and felt good. I had alot of false labor with her for the last month of my pregnancy. I think we went to the hospital about 4 times before my doctor finally kept me over night on my birthday. She just wanted to come out. I was ready for her. Her actual due date was Nov 7th so she wasn't far off by any means. I remember just being very tired. I got to the hospital about 10pm on 11/3, it was a Friday. The Dr ordered them to give me a shot of Demerol and in the morning he would be in. They could see I was exhausted. Well that put me right to sleep. Sat morning at 6:30 the Dr came in and checked me out and said well "Are you ready to have a baby today"? I thought to myself, huh NO?! Get me out of here, I freaked. I was 19 and it scared me to death. No one knew that. Well this baby was coming. I was more afraid of the pain and the mere thought of how is this thing going to come out of me? LOL.. Well after I was induced and in labor for an hour and a half I had enough, i wanted that Epidural. I was done experiencing the "natural" labor.. forget it, give me the drugs!! I got it at 9 or 930, wasn't quick enough for me.. Anyway I remember looking at the clock, it was about 11:55am and the Dr came in and said ok almost ready, I couldn't feel a thing. Next thing I know, Out she came, the most beautiful thing I ever saw! 12:01pm .. I did it. It was surreal. I couldn't believe it. What I didn't know what was going to come next.. the next 13 years so far..

Jacqueline Elizabeth, you are outgoing, spunky, sensitive, smart, beautiful and most of all, my daughter.. Have a great 13th birthday!!

Thanks for reading my blog..

Saturday, November 1, 2008


First off, I can remember growing up in Wisconsin and on Halloween the weather could always be a challenge. We could have freezing cold to abnormally warm days. Typically its fall and well its cool but if you were lucky it was nice outside. Living in the Midwest, you never know what could happen. All I know is that I had fun. Living in Arizona one thing was for sure, it was going to be warm, sometimes god awful hot. I hated it. Now I was not a child going trick or treating but taking the little ones out was never fun. And they still made the costumes warm, i didn't get it. But they still had fun. Anyway last year on Halloween, our first back here in the Midwest was well typical Midwest weather. It didn't rain nor snow but it was windy and chilly. Emilee was dressed for the weather, and with her being only one back then we didn't stay out long.

This year was different. The weather couldn't have been better. It was sunny and the high was 61 i believe, maybe warmer. Emilee went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and Jake her friend from next door was a Scarecrow. It was too cute. The girls dressed themselves up. Jacqueline was a bunny and Teresa was a Vampire. Emilee & Jake walked most of the way and were so darling. They said "trick or treat" and stared at everyone that crossed them. Emilee walked door to door and oh my it was just a sight to see. She lasted and got lots of candy.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and here are a few pictures from ours..