Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past weekend we all took a trip down south. Well to Chicago that was! We went to visit Andy's family, his grandma, and aunt & uncle. They have never met Emilee so it was very exciting. Emilee new we were going to visit Grandma but of course she had no clue who she was gonna see. The ride down was good and the ride back was good. The weather was cold but no snow or rain or anything crazy. We all had a good time and it was great. We cannot wait to go back in the summer so we can go outside and do other fun things. We can't thank them enough for letting us stay with them and being so kind. It's nice to be able to live close and know we can now drive to visit like that. We also got to visit some friends while we were there and that was nice also. A short trip but was really great. We made it all in one piece! Here are a few pictures of Andy's family, grandma, his cousin, the little guy is Aiden, he's adorable.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm Back! Happy New Year!!

It's been awhile, but yes I am here! Alot has been going on since my last post. Christmas came and went and the New Year is upon us. I was working alot and getting ready for Christmas as everyone else was. I was looking forward to my time off around the holidays however I was sick for a majority of it :-(. The stress of everything going on, the holidays and well just life in general takes a toll. My migraines did not help at all. Anyway we are all well. Andy is still off work and went to a different urologist and got some better answers however he still lives with the pain. We are getting by and hopefully the New Year will be better for us. Sorry it's taken me so long to post but here are some pictures from Christmas. Most of you know we've had snow upon snow in December and I've spent alot of time shoveling and being outside. I love the snow but that's no fun. Christmas Eve Jacqueline and I went to Mass, it was fun, Teresa stayed home with Andy and Emilee, the roads were bad and it was cold but the two of us went. Christmas day we spent the early afternoon at my grandparents and it was great. Always is. Then we came home and spent some time at the neighbors, i started not feeling well so we were home early and then we had our turkey dinner Andy made. The kids had a good Christmas and that's what its all about. It's harder when they get older that's for sure. Again on New Years Eve I woke to a migraine from hell and was throwing up all morning, but it went away by the afternoon which is good because I had to work at the restaurant at 4. I was off by 10, came home and we were at the neighbors where all the kids were, including Jake and Emilee who were up till midnight! Now its back to work and back to the grind right? Can I have a few more days, or what Emilee likes to say.. Ten more minutes mom? lol. Hope everyone had a great holiday and hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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