Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Sunday night, just after dinner and I'm listening to my 2yr have a fit. Can anyone relate? LOL. Emilee likes to "snack" throughout the day and when it comes to dinner she picks at her food. She's two, what do you do? She has never been a really good eater but man lately she is a pistol. She was told several times she has to eat her dinner or she's not getting any snacks. Yeah right! So after her bath she always get a snack. Well she's having a cow right now cuz she isn't getting one. I know I'm so horrible. LOL. As I look at her she's slowly eating her food! Ha! We had a great weekend. The weather was great on Friday and on Saturday. Friday I think we got up to 75 and yesterday almost the same. Today we got rain, but we need it so we'll take it I suppose. Anyway Emilee spent some much needed time outside. She rode her bike and wrote with the sidewalk chalk. Jake came outside and they swung on the swings and played in the sandbox. Andy and I saw Fast & the Furious last night, which was actually really good. Teresa went to the school dance Friday and spent the night at a friends house. Jacqueline spent lots of "talk time" with her "boyfriend"! Don't ask I don't even want to go there right now! LOL.

Here are some pictures of Emilee yesterday.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Today was a good day! Hope everyone had a great Easter! Emilee woke up bright and early at 630! Yeah for us! She was excited to see what the Bunny left her. She got a great Dora backpack with her own Easter Bunny. She got other neat little things. After breakfast and mommy's workout she had a little Easter egg hunt with her little friend next door Jake. They had fun running around the backyard looking and grabbing all the eggs. I finished my cake, which I wasn't happy about, and then it was nap time. We went to Grandma's around 2 and had great food. Natalie was there with baby Olivia. Emilee wanted to hold her. She played with her car seat though, putting her bunny in and out of it! We had a good day, the weather was good. It could have been a little warmer but I'll take it!! The sun was out and that's half the battle!!

Again hope everyone had a great Easter....
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday Fun

Yesterday actually was "Good Friday" and I took off work and drove down to Milwaukee to attend the Brewers Home Opener vs the Cubs with my friend Laura. I have never been to the new stadium (it's not really new anymore) that they built like 8,9 years ago. Anyway the Cubs were playing, and well it was a baseball game so I'll go! It was alot of fun! Despite the 9th inning loss 4-3 for the Cubs I had a good time. Some of the fans behind us weren't very kind to the Cub fans, I could go on and on about the good nature of the sport and having a good time against the other team, but these girls were just mean and nasty. It's a good think I wasn't drinking otherwise I can't tell you what would have come out of my mouth. Needless to say I still had a great time and cannot wait to go to Wrigley to watch some Cubs games next!! I will mention that the tailgating before the game felt like we were in Chicago, it was soooo windy outside which made it pretty much freezing. I guess that's why you drink alot!! But it was fun...
I thank Laura and Todd for inviting me!!

Here are a few pictures..

Todd & Laura

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Autism Awareness Month

North Shore Bank donated money for research.............

As many of you know my nephew Nathan was diagnosed with Autism. So anytime that I can't help support the cause I do my best. April is Autism Awareness Month and so tonight at the Green Bay Gambler game (Hockey Team here in GB, not professional, they are actually in college and from what Jacqueline tells me they don't even get paid!) Jacqueline has grown fond of the team and enjoys going. My Aunt Liz took her to some games and now she's hooked. Teresa enjoys going also. They are actually alot of fun to watch, you wouldn't think they weren't "professionals". So tonight the girls and I attended the game along with Liz and her son Austin. We had a great time. Emilee had lots of fun which was great to see. The noise and crowd did not bother her. She of course throughout the game got antsy but hey she's 2! A great thing was that for every ticket purchased 1$ went towards research. Also they had a 50/50 raffle to raise money. There was a teenage girl whom sang the National Anthem that wasn't diagnosed till she was 13. It was a fun night and I'm glad we were able to go. Emilee and I left before the last quarter, they were winning 2-0 and looks like the last period was great because they won 4-1.

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Emilee being silly w/Teresa

Something up above caught her attention!

Jacqueline's Favorite Player Liz & Austin

Teresa & Jacqueline