Sunday, June 29, 2008

"APPLES" & Fireworks!

Strawberry picking season is here in Northeast Wisconsin, so what better way to get Andy up and out than to take him out picking with Teresa and Emilee. We had a fun time and Emilee was VERY talkative and kept say "apples". I kept telling her they were strawberries but she sounded cute no less! It reminded me when I was a kid going out picking strawberries, it was fun, and we left before the rain hit.

On our way out we stopped by a couple places and looked at fireworks. That always gets Andy excited. We of course bought a bunch of stuff to blow up for the fourth. I like the sparklers and little worms and stuff.. Andy likes the bigger, louder things.

The fouth will be fun with the family, but Jacqueline of course is in AZ and Teresa left today for a week with her friend. She went to Michigan to go stay in their cottage, so she'll be having fun I'm sure. So just Emilee this year...

Enjoy your week, thanks for checking in.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good Old Yard Work

Well it's been a week since Andy's surgery, he's slowly getting better. Today we decided to do a little yard work and get it out of the way. The forecast for the day was sunny and 78 for the morning and chance of Thunderstorms for the afternoon. So Teresa and I mowed the grass, and then the neighbors helped with pulling the weeds from the side of our yard. (They are great)!
We have a small patch where the prior tennants had flowers or something and well weeds had just grown there since we had moved in. So I've decided to attempt to plant something, we shall see what ends up there!

Good thing we did it early because for once the weatherman was correct and we did have some rain and some thunderstorms so it cooled us down, which we don't mind!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying cool!

Friday, June 27, 2008

To My Two Special Nephews

What can I say about my two newphews Connor, who will be 7 on the 28th and Tanner who will be 13 on the 30th of June!
First off I MISS you both dearly. It's been almost a year since I've been away and of course I see Mr Tanner on the web cam and get to chat with him every now and then, but its still not the same.
Tanner you are going to be 13. A teenager, a big accomplishment. I remember when you were born. My first nephew. You were awesome, you still are. I had Jacqueline a few months later so that gave you a little cousin to grow up with. Your personality cracks me up. I miss seeing you and going to your football or baseball games, I know I'll see you soon, so have a great 13th birthday and I hope you have a Great day! I know you will, you always do!
Connor, turning 7.. cannot believe it. I remember when your mom had you. I was scared for her! LOL.. I wasnt sure how she'd handle you. It was rough at first, you were a spunky little fellow. Very vocal and such energy. I dont think much has changed. I know I'm your aunt Julee, the one with the camera, the one w/the scarey dog... but I love ya. I miss ya, I hope you have a great 7th birthday. Can't wait for you to come out to Green Bay and visit in September and have lots of fun. You won't want to go back!!

Anyway I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my two special nephews Tanner and Connor.

You BOTH have an Awesome DAY!

Love aunt Julee xoxoxo

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Recovery is never easy!

Today is Sunday, It's been a LONG weekend. I think kids know when a parent is ill. Emilee has been a pistol (more than usual), never really been a daddy's girl at all. Since Andy has been home she has wanted him to pick her up or sit on his lap, and of course he can do neither. So I've been busy running around with her, trying to keep her busy. Saturday we got Andy settled and then went to the Farmer's Market. Its that time of year and we had a good time, just her and I. Teresa had spent the night next door, so that kept her busy.
So how has Andy been? Well I can say that I'm glad today is Sunday and I have to go to work tomorrow. He was in ALOT of pain Saturday, kept the ice on often and gave him something for the pain as often as he could take it. Was very hard for him to get up and move around. I tell ya when they say in sickness and in health, you really dont think about it at the time, but all I have to say is I must really love this man! He was kinda a cranky patient, no less he was in pain, I understand, but as he said I wouldnt make a very good nurse! I'll agree. I dont like to see people in pain. Today he woke up feeling better, he took a shower (yeah!), he stepped outside and took a little walk around the yard. Paul, our neighbor was giving Andy alot of crap and teasing him about his surgery. There's no way he's going to work tomorrow though, not sure what he thought on Friday but he'll be home. So between him and Emilee its been a LONG weekend.

As I sit here though, its good to know that he's on the road to recovery, can't wait for him to be back to normal. We had a few laughs though, it hurts him to laugh but I couldnt resist.

Anyway it's been painful, just ask him but he's just lucky he has me around to take care of him, cuz I'm not sure how many people would put up with him. HA.. love ya sweety!
And here are some pics of Emilee after eating her Strawberry Shortcake w/ice cream.... we got some good strawberries at the Farmer's Market!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Saying Goodbye and a Hernia?

Well the past few days have been a whirlwind! Yesterday, June 19th, Jacqueline was to leave for Arizona to spend a few months with her dad. She had a slumber party with some friends the night before and then we went to Bay Beach for a little fun. Meanwhile, Andy, my darling husband had complained that he was in some pain Tuesday and said he may have "pulled" something Monday at work. (Andy is a mechanic and at times, though no fault of his own, tries to lift equipment that he shouldnt by himself) Anyway Wed he had a Dr appt and they felt he had a hernia. So yesterday he went to have a cat scan in the early morning and at 2:45 he found out he indeed had a severe hernia and they scheduled surgery for today Friday at 8:15am!

Ok, no big deal. Jacqueline's flight was to take off at 7:25pm here in Green Bay. We got to the airport at about 6:50pm, yes we were a little late but if you've ever been to the GB airport we were fine (lol). About 7:15pm we realized there's no plane, we looked on the board and the flight has been delayed until 8:35pm. Ok I can handle that. We got up and walked around, got some water and a snack. About 8:15pm we heard some people talking and we looked at the board and there it was, DELAYED, again until 9:35pm! By this time I'm at my wits end, but what are you gonna do, you just sit there and wait. Gave me some extra time with Jacqueline though. We talked, I sang silly songs to her, we read her book. It was nice. Eventually the plane got there and she took off at 10:45pm. She got into AZ a little after midnight. Thank you to Grandma for picking her up so late!

So i was exhausted, came home and crashed on the couch. Got up after 5 am, had to get Andy to the hospital by 645am. I got him there ok, his surgery went well. Again I found myself, sitting and waiting. I get cranky, but he was ok so thats all that mattered. He woke up from surgery very groggy but doing good. He was there for about 4 hours afterwards, we left the hospital about 1:30pm. He will be on light duty at work for the next 4-6 weeks. Maybe he has learned his lesson now. Probably not!

All in all the last 48 hours have been crazy, emotional, and plain tiring. But we made it. Jacqueline is in the hot heat weather of AZ and Andy is in bed recovering. Teresa is out with friends, and me and miss emilee are waiting to go to bed... ok maybe i'm waiting for her to go to bed so i can.

Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on... and here are some pics of Jacqueline's last day in WI for awhile... Miss you!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone had a good Father's Day! We didn't do too much but thats not a bad thing!

The girls and I made Andy breakfast, then he cut the grass (what a guy), and then we started cooking. (When I say "WE" I mean Andy) He made Ribs on the BBQ, but I did make my Jello Cake- YUM! We played outside, enjoyed the 80 degree weather. We were able to sit out back and eat, Emilee absolutely LOVES being outside and when we eat outside she get's SO excited.

Enjoy the pics from our day and we hope you had a good day also.

Thanks for checking in....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy Wisconsin Weather

OK, so today in case some of you haven't heard we've had some bad weather here in parts of Wisconsin. Today I had to drive down to Fond Du Lac for a meeting for work today. Not a big deal, its about an hour and 15 minutes south of Green Bay. I drove with my co-worker Mary and another Assistant Manager from another branch. When we left the meeting at about 3:20pm, it was sprinkling on the way home and it seemed we were driving away from the storm. By the time we got to Green Bay we had a few showers but nothing major, more windy than anything. Well by 5:30 the News had that Fond Du Lac was flooded on some roads. The Highway exit we had gotten off had been closed due to flooding! Tornado warning's all over the area. Tells you how much the rain and weather can change within a matter of an hour. Luckily we didn't get anything bad here in GB. We had lighting, and thunderstorms with lots of wind and stuff but it subsided and no Tornado sirens for us :-) For Our friends and family in AZ this may sound all crazy to you but the temp was nice around 70 or so. Very nice :-)

Hope everyone is well, thanks for checking in.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome and Hello Friends!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Bear with me as I learn how to navigate and post my blogs daily. I hope you all will check in every-so-often and keep updated on my crazy life! I will give a BIG THANKS to my wonderful and dear friend Betty in AZ for helping me create my site. Thanks to her i'm now a "blogger". My goal is to keep everyone in AZ and everywhere else away from us updated on our lives here in WI. Also I want to have a place where I can post my pictures for all to see. I'm really excited in getting my photography really going and out there. Hopefully you all will take time to read and enjoy.