Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Update ....

Can't tell you where this weekend went? I hate looking forward to a weekend and then in a blink of an eye its gone. I had a horrible migraine Wed night into Thursday. Then Friday I still did not feel better but only had to work a half a day. I got nothing really done that I wanted to.
The holidays are fastly approaching and as my daughter said Saturday, "you're rushing me"! Well don't I ever feel that way. Saturday I tried to do some Xmas shopping but have the two kids with me doesn't help. Can't really get stuff when they are around, not for them anyway. Before we did that we went to my grandma's for her Birthday. She turned 82! She's so funny and we had a great time just sitting around talking and looking at all the Xmas stuff she and grandpa were starting to put up. Emilee of course was eating everything in sight. We had cake and ice cream! Then we watched Paula Dean on TV for a bit. I had to be at work by 3 so again, we were "rushed" at the mall. By the time I got home on Sat, I was tired and well we went to bed. Today was more shopping with just me and Andy and we got most of it done, still have a little bit more, its tight this year so it's looking for bargains and seeing what to get. Anyway, the Packer game sucked so we didn't even bother watching it all. Don't even get me started. It has been nice the last 2 days though but tonight we are in for a freeze. It's going to get down right COLD!

Well I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for checking in..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well the Winter storm "Carter" has come and gone. Dropped 6.5 inches of fluffy white snow on us. Yes its pretty but not fun to clean up.. Yesterday the kids had a snow day due to all the snow that fell overnight and the high winds that were going on. Emilee also stayed home and me? No I went to work. I made it fine and so did Andy. However, when Andy got to work, he was sent home, dealership wasn't going to be open, all the appointments were cancelled and it was worse out by him. So it was a fun filled day for them, no school and no daycare.

Here are a few pictures of Emilee playing in the snow...

I guess she still thinks she can "mow".. lol

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spending Time "Indoors"

This week we got quite a few inches of snow dumped on us. Then the temp got down right cold .. I am not complaining because I absolutely love the snow, however driving in it can be challenging, but I'm careful and I do fine. Andy and I celebrated our anniversary, last week we saw "Four Christmases" and it was hilarious. So Wednesday we went out to dinner and it was very nice. Today Emilee pooped on the toilet all by herself, and of course I was not home to witness it.

We are inside for most of the day. We have a birthday party for Jake next door later today. Andy and Teresa are downstairs playing Rock Band and Jacqueline decided to make some Christmas cookies. St Nick came last night and visited the girls. Brings back lots of memories. If I told them what we used to get they'd look at us weird. Anyway hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for checking in...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It's hard to believe that 3 years ago today Andy and I got married. It was December 3,2005. When I think of everything that has happened from the time we met until now is crazy! But I wouldn't change a thing. We are lucky in a lot of ways. We have each other. We formed a little family together and then created one with Emilee. As difficult as times have been and are at times, we couldn't do it alone. We were married outside in Arizona of course. It was a beautiful day and it goes by so quick but I just remember loving that all my friends and family were there. We could have skipped the ceremony and just did the party.
Andy and I tease each other and joke around like I never have with anyone and I enjoy it. I have friends that have been married alot longer, and hope we have many years ahead.
Thanks for taking time to read my blog, i have to run because it snowed MORE last night and I gotta get out of here..