Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving. It's been awhile since I've blogged but here are some great pictures from our Turkey Day here in Green Bay! We miss everyone in AZ but had a great day here with the family. Packers won, food was good... can't ask for a whole lot more! Enjoy ....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello, I'm Here!

It's been awhile since I've blogged. It's been a busy summer around here. Jacqueline came home in early August. The summer is winding down and I am trying to enjoy as much of it that's left as possible. We've had lots of things going on and I've been trying to get things back in order. The girls of course started High School last week. Teresa just turned 15 so we had a party for her. It was great. The weather has been sooo nice the past few weeks that the fact the leaves are starting to change around town is telling me "Fall" is coming quickly. It's starting to get darker earlier and you know what that means. My good friend from AZ visited for a few days and we had a great time while she was here. She got to witness our crazy life here. I try to keep sane between the two teenage girls of ours and then Emilee who will be 3 here pretty soon. Andy works alot, we try to have time for each other but most of you know that always doesn't work out to our advantage. Emilee did get her very first haircut.. just a trim.. she's got the best little curls. She had to sit on my lap cuz there were two other girls getting theirs cut and no more boosters! I hope every one's summer has been great and that you had a nice Labor Day weekend. I'm going to post some random pictures from the summer. I will try to start blogging more.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kids say the funniest things!

OK so those who have kids or been around kids for that matter know what I am talking about. We have 2 girls that are going to be in the ninth grade this fall. (Tell me about it.. and thanks for your sympathy in advance) Now we also have a 2 1/2 year old that is wiser than her years. I don't remember being able to sing the ABC's at this age but its awfully cute to listen to her sing the whole song and then DEMAND that I sing along next time. For this cute little girl who tells us she's going to "time out", life is pretty interesting in our household. Having 2 adults and 2 teenage girls in the house, she picks up on ALOT of stuff. Kids repeat things so you have to careful but it is hard for anyone, mostly me, I will admit. I try not to have her go in the bathroom with me anymore when I shower or anything for that matter because of the looks she gives and questions she asks. She told me a few weeks ago that I do not have a "penis" because only boys do. (she has heard this term used next door since Jake is a boy and she has watched Jake get his diaper changed) I told her "yes" you are correct .. when she keeps saying that word over and over again its like ok stop now. Yes you are right now shhh.. When she goes straight to Andy and loudly tells him that he has one .. well its funny. Or when she points :-) Aww I laugh. She'll make faces with her comments and I think that's what makes you want to laugh. Other things that she will do is not so nice. When she gets upset or mad or when she's just being herself she will tell you how it is. Or she wants you to do it. She'll point with her finger and oh its just so great. The other day I told her to go upstairs so Teresa could give her a bath. And she was like "NO, I want my DAD TO DO IT.... Seriously"! Ahhh.. yes she said seriously.. now Andy says that alot so I know where she got that.. I almost died laughing. I had gotten her a beach ball for her pool since hers blew away one windy day. Anyway I picked her up from the sitters and I got her in the car and I said I have something for you.. She was all excited and said "What you get for me"? (oh and I also got her these little Frisbee things for the pool that have Mickey Mouse and Goofy on them ect) I opened the bag and gave it to her and she said.. "Oh my God, thank you mommy". Now come on? That is cute. OMG! LOL. Hilarious! She will say "Oh my GAWD" and I don't know it's so cute. I know alot of kids say such cute things but I wish she'd stay young like this. When she's asked "Why" to everything or "What you talking about"? I don't know it melts your heart. Needless to say she keeps us on our toes!

Thanks for taking time to read my blog!

Basically it's just funny to hear this little girl talk like she's older in her years than she is and I wish she would stop!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth to all

I hate when weekends go by so fast. I think I was one of few people who actually had to work on Friday so it made the weekend come very slow! But once it hit 5 man I was outta there! We were going to have a BBQ at our house on the 4th so I had a few things to do to prepare. The BBQ was at noon and grandma/pa came over and Liz with the kids, Natalie and PJ came with little Olivia. Which I made the mistake of telling Emilee the night before that she would be over. So all I heard was that Baby Olivia was coming all NIGHT, and ALL morning before they arrived. She likes to help feed her and give her her nukie! It's very cute! Andy cooked, of course! I also caught a picture of him holding Oliva! Once in a lifetime opportunity for sure! After everyone left Emile took an hour nap and we hung out. Teresa left with Aunt Liz to go downtown to watch the fireworks. We stayed home and watched them from our house and on TV. Emilee liked that better. As you will see .. she was excited with them on TV! Sunday has been kinda lazy which is good. I did go to the gym so I did something right? Emilee is in the pool-where she lives lately. Teresa is still with Aunt Liz and wont be home till tomorrow! At least she's staying busy.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Thanks for checking in..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day yesterday! We had a good weekend. Andy had to work all week and Saturday so no day off for him. Saturday when he got home I took him to a movie.. We saw The Proposal. It was really good. Yesterday Emilee decided that she wanted to get up at 6am. Of all the days! So I got up with her and Andy got up around 8, we ate breakfast and then I had to get her ready for a graduation/Fathers Day get together at my Uncle's house. Andy was mowing the lawn and was real tired so he stayed home. The party was nice, the weather was somewhat cloudy and about 81. They had a pool set up in which Emilee wanted to go "swimming" but refused to actually get it. She looked from the sideline and got her hands wet and splashed with Teresa. Then she was really more interested in Olivia and feeding her and stuff. It was really cute. We came home and right away Teresa was off to her friends house for the evening. Emilee took a nap and I finished my book I had been reading and then I snoozed for an hour. We are going to be hot and humid this week. Possibly 90 tomorrow so there goes my hair! I hope everyone is doing good and had a great day.. Here are a few pics.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

School is Out for Summer

It may not be "officially" summer here in Wisconsin, School is out so summer is here. The girls finished their 8th grade of school on Wednesday. They will officially be Freshman soon! Do you see my face! It's a tradition of some sort at their school to wear a dress on the last day of school in 8th grade. Jacqueline doesn't feel comfortable in a dress (wonder where she gets that from). So she opted to wear super cute black heels with dress pants and a nice blouse. She looked great. Teresa, uh hum, borrowed a dress from her friend and looked .. well like a teenager! They both had parties to go to after school and had a great time. Jacqueline is leaving tomorrow morning to go to Arizona until August so she has spent all her spare time with friends before she leaves. So we will be waking up very early tomorrow to get her to the airport in Milwaukee by 745am. The weather is starting to be warmer and not so much rain. Should be a nice weekend so hopefully we will be outside and having a good time. I will miss Jacqueline but she'll be back before we know it. Enjoy the pictures of their last day at school and I'll check in soon.
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